Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should I use these cards?
    All international cards are useless in Iran. The only way to not carry cash is this card.

  2. Who is this card suitable for?
    Tourists & business men have planned to visit Iran. Persons who want to purchase from Iranian websites. Persons who want to reserve or book domestic flights, trains or buses in Iran. & …

  3. What are the benefits of this card?
    You don’t need to carry cash and it's safer. You can plan your trip before you get Iran.

  4. What is the limitation and negative point of this card?
    Maximum 5,000,000 IRR cards are available. It's not possible to recharge them.

  5. Is it legal to use these cards?
    These cards have been issued by EN bank of Iran. One of the best private banks of Iran. These Gift cards can be used by anyone by his/her responsibility.

  6. Is it possible to use these cards out of IRAN?
    Yes, but just for online using (Reservation, booking & shopping online).

  7. Is it possible to get these cards physically?
    Yes, by request. In the process of purchasing from our website you can request in forms. There are two options to get physical card: 1. getting from StayInIran office in Tehran on arrival date free of charge. 2. Getting by Iranian post system. You have to pay extra to post and it takes about 10-30 days according to your location.

  8. What should I pay for getting these cards and how?
    You have to pay cost of card in Euro currency plus 10% commission of StayInIran. Some commission may be added by your Bitcoin wallet, Exchange rates, …

  9. Is it possible to refund remaining amount of money in cards?
    Yes. If you get non-physical cards and your cards are still valid, we can handle to back remaining amount just to your Bitcoin wallet which purchasing had applied by. Note that some exchange or wallet commission may be applied.

  10. Why should I pay by Bitcoin?
    Because of US sanction against Iran, at now there is no other option. May be in the future.

  11. Is it possible other ways to pay StayInIran?
    Not for now.

  12. Is it safe using Bitcoin to transfer money?
    Bitcoin is a digital currency that is being used increasingly all over the world. It has been used since 2009.

  13. How can I get more information about Bitcoin?
    For more information please Click here.

  14. How can I use these cards over internet?
    We prepared a list of useful sites. For more information please click here

  15. Most of Iranian sites are in Persian (Farsi) language even banks gateways. Is there any solution for this problem?
    Yes. We provided a guide for helping you to pay over Persian gateways and booking hotels or purchasing from Persian sites. For more information please click here